My Favorite Part Of The Week.

I’m not sure why, but I seem to enjoy Sunday’s mornings the most. I don’t know if it’s the impending thought that the daily grind will resume again in 24 hours, but as of recently I’ve found myself to be most at peace on the 7th day mornings.

My unofficial routine usually starts off by waking up early, sometime between 5:30 – 6:30am, coming down stairs and starting a pot of coffee in my Mr. Coffee 4 cup drip coffee maker. This morning for example, I opened up the front door, opened up the back door and just enjoyed the gentle cross flow ventilation that moved from the front to the back of the house.

I started to hear were the sounds that the New Jersey suburbs have to offer. I heard the early birds looking for their worms, I heard the wind gently blowing across in the tall oak trees in my back yard, I also started to hear the sounds that the coffee maker starts to make; the dripping of the coffee into the carafe and the clicking on and off of the burner. I opened the blinds and a window by the kitchen table and felt the sun’s gentle rays on my face, and felt more of a breeze, today is going to be a nice day.

I sat at the kitchen table, connected my laptop to the AC adapter, and turned it on. I checked my email, nothing really there, opened up Google reader and started to read my subscriptions. I read, while the sun was starting to move up across the trees as a gentle breeze lightly touched me.

There is nothing I need to do today, but there are several things that I should do. Right now, I have no intentions of doing any of them, it’s a beautiful early September morning and as I read the news, I have complete inner peace. My children will be awake soon, more than likely my early rising son will wonder down stairs and greet me with his usual ‘Hey Bud’, and will tell me some things that were in his head during the night, in his usual fact based accounting.

Our family has plans later on today to go to a BBQ, but right now, there is not any other place I’d rather be, than sitting at my kitchen table, reading the news, drinking poorly made coffee and feeling my inner peace continue.

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