Online training

Photo_091709_002I’ve been participating in an online training class that my employer has paid for since Tuesday of this week.  There is lecture during the class, and then after the lecture there are labs to do.  Since this is all online, it’s all done via Elluminte Live a virtual meeting place similar to WebEx.  The meeting place is setup up so that we can get remote control of workstations that are running VMware workstation.  Inside these VMware Workstation hosts machines, there are two to three VMware guest machines, and these are what we are doing our lab exercises with.

The class has about 10 people participating, and two instructors.  After the lecture has been completed for one chapter or section, we do lab exercises that are related to those chapters.  Time is given or aloted for the entire class to complete these labs.  The time alloted is rather conservative giving everyone enough time to complete the exercises.
I’ve finished my last set of exercises and still had 22 minutes remaining on the clock, so I decided to do this post along with a picture from the conference room that I’m hiding in.  I had to go to a conference room, because I would never be able to concentrate from my desk with all of the interruptions that take place, i.e. phone calls, and emails.  The only downside to participating in this class, is that it’s scheduled in the Mountain Time Zone, instead of the Eastern Time Zone, where I’m physically at.  So instead of the class being scheduled 8-5, for me it’s 10-7.  It allows me a little time in the morning to get caught up from the previous day, however this schedule has delayed me from getting home at my normal time, and does make for a long day since I get to work between 7 and 7:30am.

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