Probably the worst keyboard ever.

The keyboard on my Dell laptop is probably the worst keyboard ever installed in a laptop. There something you can tell about the quality of a laptop without even turning it on, the keyboard will tell you a lot about a laptops quality.

The keys on my keyboard are not stable and have a tendency to want to rock back and forth. Additionally, there’s something with the spacing between the keys, because I can’t count how many times the fleshy part of my fingers times have gotten caught in between the keys, and when I pull them back, I always fear that the keys will be pulled off of their mechanical joints. Anyone who’s had a single key come off of their keyboard, knows how difficult they can to be put back. I should rephrase that, anyone who’s had a key come off of a cheaply made, poorly designed keyboard, knows how difficult they can be to put back.

In addition to the wobbly and poorly spaced keys, the entire keyboard has this unusual flex to it, as if the keyboard were made entirely out of plastic, and was mounted to the chassis entirely around it’s perimeter, and the center has no support. In addition to the unusual amounts of flex, the keys when pressed also make this, for lack of a better term, wimpy clicking sound. The sound the keys make is difficult to quantify, however, all I can say, is the Dell laptop that I purchased for my wife about 5 months after I purchased mine, seems infinitely better, and depressing the keys has a more reassuring feeling when typing.

From a specification standpoint my laptop isn’t necessarily lacking, it’s just the quality of the keyboard that I sincerely dislike.

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