How I spent my Father’s Day

My Father’s day started out just like every other day, I wake early around 5:30am and then shortly after I realize it’s a weekend day, I attempt to go back to sleep. This morning it was a little tougher to go back to sleep, because my 9 year old daughter had fallen asleep in my bed last night, and she was a little restless this morning. She gave me a few friendly kicks and attempted to snuggle up to me, at this point I didn’t think I was going back to sleep. Once I finally did fall back asleep again, I was awakened by my 7 year old son tapping me on the back around 7:00am. Once I said good morning to him, the first words out of his mouth were “Happy Fodders Day”, I tried to get him to lie down with the three of us already in the bed. He complied for a short time, but then finally went back into his own bedroom. He’s such a sweet kid, and I’m surprised that he remembered that it was Father’s Day today.

About 7:20am, I decided to get out of bed; my back was starting to give me some discomfort, so I decided it was time to go downstairs. I could see that my son was still in his bed, so I invited him to come down with me, so we went down and relaxed, shortly afterwards my daughter came down, which was unusually early for her, she doesn’t normally doesn’t arise until 9:30 on weekend days.

While downstairs, my son was eyeing up the Legos we had purchased the day before for his birthday, once my daughter had come down, we started to build the 188 piece set, or I should say, I started to build the set. While I was building, my son and daughter were playing with the two figurines that were included in the Lego set, while I finished building the space ship. Shortly after finishing up, my wife came down stairs; I decided to go for a ride on my motorcycle.

About 9:30, I told my wife that I’d like to go out for a short ride on my bike. I was very pleased that the bike started right up, this was most likely as a result of purchasing a replacement battery a few weeks ago and filling it up with fresh gas. I proceeded to convert my riding jacket into a warmer weather jacket, and the headed out on this humid Sunday morning. I rode through Sicklerville, and wound my through Williamstown, then back through Sicklerville, all in all riding for about 30 minutes, certainly enough all suited up on this humid late spring day.

I returned home around 10:00am, started a pot of coffee and started up my laptop. I ready the news from the previous day, World Cup scores from the day before, and my usual tech news. My kids then gave me the Father’s day cards that they had made me, both of which they had made in school. My daughter had seemed excited about give me the card she’d made, and when I read it aloud with her, a tear started to fall from my eye. The card was the top 10 reasons why I was the best Dad, and while the two of us read it together, I could tell that she actually felt that these items were true. It made me feel really special. My son had given me a card that was stapled to a bag of Sun Chips, again, it sort of re-iterated the points of why they had felt that I was a good Dad, I was feeling good at this point.

My wife then told me that we were invited to her brother’s house for a cook out and swimming, however she told me that if I wanted to stay home, it was up to me. I though it’s be a good idea to go swimming today, I knew it was going to be a hot one, and it’d be good for my kids to get outside today, and god knows these kids love to swim. It was about noon now, and my wife told me that she needed to run to the store to pick up a cake and some things for dinner. I was feeling a little groggy, so I wanted to take a nap. I had asked the kids if they wanted to go into the basement and watch a movie because we were going to be leaving for the party in about 2 hours or so. They agreed and we watched Toy Story 2, the three of us snuggled up on the couch in the basement, which was a little chillier than I last remember, underneath a light blanket, while we watched the movie. During the movie, I was able to squeak out about 15-20 minutes of sleep, and surprisingly so, the kids pretty much stayed put in their seats during the movie and really seemed to enjoy it. This may be because we had just seen Toy Story 3 on Wednesday, so the story line was probably fresh in their mind; either that or the basement was a little colder than usual. They had laughed and enjoyed themselves, and end of the movie I had turned the sound on up on the closing credits while the two of them danced to Robert Goulet singing “You’ve got a friend in me”, it was one of those moments that as a parent, you know you don’t have too many remaining, but it was something I wanted to last forever, they were singing, laughing, and dancing, it’s was truly a priceless moment for me. Shortly after that, my wife returned from the store and about 30 minutes later we were on our way to her brother’s house. Today was going to be a good day for swimming; it was hot and humid outside.

We arrive at the kid’s uncle’s house, Grand mom, the other uncles and aunts were there, and the kids were ready to get right into the pool. They did; immediately. I put a little sun block on myself, and got into the pool. At first, the water felt cold, but after a minute or two, it was all good. The sun was bright, it was hot, it was perfect swimming weather; I was in the pool with my two kids and we were enjoying ourselves. My daughter and I were the only two in the deep end of the pool, when I thanked her for making today such a good father’s day, her response was as simple and genuine as it gets, she said in her small sweet voice “You’re welcome Daddy”. We played in the pool for a few hours, alternating our time in and out of the pool, not being able to escape the sun’s blistering rays, we all started to get a little hungry. I got out and snacked on a few items, while I finished my margarita I was definitely feeling good, it was a beautiful day, I was surrounded by family all of whom seemed to be in equally good moods.

After we ate, the kids got back into the pool, and I was feeling so full all I wanted to do was vegetate, so I got back in and got on a float. By this point the sun was starting to fall being the trees and it was not as inescapable as it was a few hours earlier. Having just had a good meal, as I bobbed up and down in the pools gentle waves, I was thinking that today was a good day, no, it was a very good day. A short time later, we decide to head home. The kids were tired, the adults were tired, our hosts were tired, rather than out stay our welcome we headed for home. Driving home it had cooled off considerably, I opened up all of the windows and the sunroof, it was just a pleasant slow ride home.
Today was a great day, it was an even better Father’s day.

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