I am a provider.

I don’t know what’s more satisfying as a father and as a husband than being able to ‘provide’ for my family. Sure, my wife works and earns a good salary, however it’s the basics of saying “I am able to not only provide for myself, I can and want to provide for others as well”, that I find the most satisfying thing about being part of a family. It’s the being able to do this the most rewarding.

For me, there’s no more satisfying outlet to express this pride than going food shopping. I think that food is the most basic essential for human existence. Not shelter, but food.

Plain and simple, without food we die.

It’s nice to have warm shelter and protection from the elements, but from an environmental standpoint we could live without a house. We probably could not live in Southern New Jersey, but there are areas on this planet that do not have the swing in temperatures that we have across the seasons.

I get a certain sense of pride when I go food shopping for my family. Leaving a house with little food and then coming back with many bags of food, seeing the refrigerator and freezer fill up give me a great deal of pride. Sure, my wife and I provide for my family in other ways too, but this is the way that gives me the most pride.

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